Throwback Thursday

Every week the local Orange newspaper ‘Central Western Daily’ has a special ‘Throwback Thursday’ where they go back to a previous year and publish a collection of photographs. On Thursday 5th December 2013 Peter and Maria featured in a ‘Throwback’

Peter and Maria looking much younger.

Peter and Maria looking much younger.



Model train magic

Remember the old steam engines that were given the flick when electric trains came on the scene? Well the old steamers are on their way back, sort of, as we found at Orange’s Mathews Park.

Steven Cudars (and Oscar) featured on Prime local news on Wednesday 14th March enjoying a ride on the minture trains.

Lion Club Memorial

In November 2011 a memorial ceremony was held by Orange Lions Club. Included in the memorials was Joe Cudars. Present were Peter, Maria, Steven, Sarah, Gina, David, Oscar and Callum.

A commemorative plaque for Joe was added to the Lions ‘memory’ stone.

An article in the Central West Photo News in December noted the ceremony.

Central West Photo News Article feat Joe Cudars

Clare Cudars – Nano Author

Congratulations to Clare Cudars who took out First place in the Write Around the Murry Nano Story Competition. Clare had to write a story in less than 50 words.

Read Here Winning Story Below.

Just Sleeping by Clare Cudars – Winner

I walked though the door into a silent, bare room.

My Grandfather I knew so well was lying there, frail and lifeless.

Tears swelled in my eyes.“Is he dead?” I asked, my voice croaky and filled with dread.

“Just sleeping” My mother replied absentmindedly, staring vacantly out the window

The mother of all surveys

David, Sarah and Callum featured in the Central Western Daily on Monday 9th May 2011.

‘Sarah and Dave Ash have a six-month-old boy, Callum.

Mrs Ash said the services in Orange were adequate but knowing where to find them could be a challenge.

“I am not sure everybody knows what’s out there,” she said.

She said nothing could prepare you for becoming a mum.

“Mothers themselves are the best resources you can get,” she said.

The business of some services is another factor which can make them difficult to access, according to Mrs Ash.

The views of families like David, Callum and Sarah Ash are being sought as part of the Orange parenting survey.

The views of families like David, Callum and Sarah Ash are being sought as part of the Orange parenting survey.

Cameras give taxi drivers a fare go

Peter Cudars appeared in the Central Western Daily on Monday 15th November 2010.

TAXI fare evasion has become less of a problem for local drivers since security cameras were installed in local cabs, according to Taxi Cabs of Orange co-director Peter Cudars.

As taxi drivers on the Central Coast prepare to trial a fares up-front system to prevent people from running off without paying, Mr Cudars says the problem is not as great in Orange.

“It is certainly not such a big issue in Orange with runners,” he said.

“I think it’s because of safety cameras we have in taxis.”

It became mandatory for all regional taxis to be fitted with surveillance cameras in March.

The technology allows offenders to be captured on camera and identified.

They can also be traced through the taxi call centre.

However, Mr Cudars admits fare evasion has not completely disappeared from Orange streets.

“It sometimes pops its head up, maybe once a month,” he said.

The fares up-front trial will begin on the Central Coast next year, requiring drivers to estimate the fare and receive payment before the journey.