Thirsty Buck

10th November 2007

They tried to drown me with booze and they tried beat me with a pool queue, but, I kept my dignity. Well, to a certain level anyway.

We met at high noon for lawn bowls, a sausage sizzle and a round of golf at the prestigious Orange Ex-Servicemen’s Country Club. I was joined by my father, both grandfathers, sister (best man), brother in law and a group of guys that for some strange reason I call my mates…i still don’t know why. The group looked very smart in our blue shirts, complete with Latvian catchphrase on the front. The Latvian slogan allegedly ment ‘Bucks Party’ or ‘Stag Party’, but, as opa could not recall providing the translation, it was decided that it converted to ‘Sausage Party’.

Everyone enjoyed the bowls and golf as the amber liquid flowed. The party then migrated to the Goldfields Tavern in Lucknow where we cooked out own steaks as the fluids changed from amber to clear, brown and milky.

The evening ended with a quick visit to Kellys Rugby Hotel then onto the Royal as the night quickly became a hazy memory.
I would like to give a huge thank you to Sarah for organizing everything as well as Opa and Nonno for making the day extra special.