The Egg and Spoon Race

by Steven Cudars
Picture this…. Canowindra….1987, a young boy, striving for gold.
Canowindra Public School (CPS) was to hold their ever popular annual Egg and Spoon race.Being the superior athlete I am, even from a young age, I didn't just want to compete, I wanted to win. For days, if not weeks, prior to the big event I was in training, selecting the roundest egg and sturdiest spoon. I was a sure bet.
The morning of egg and spoon race was like any other school morning (other than bringing an egg and spoon to school). The rest of the morning was a blur, all I could think of was eggs and spoons. The race was to be held that afternoon.
Finally the school bell rang indicating the beginning of "big lunch". I knew that in less than an hour would be my time to shine, my moment in the sun….. It was like an ambush, something you'd see in a horror movie…one moment a child is in the playground, the next gone…..
Whilst warming up doing stretches, shorts sprits and final egg preparations before the race of my life, my parent were informed about a minor lottery win. My loving Oma's first thought was to 'rescue' me from another Graeme Thorne kidnapping scenario.
So, my moment in the sun has past…..time has yet to heal my wounds…To this day I wait for my chance to shine and win that big Golden Spoon Trophy!