The Halloween Fire

by Steven Cudars
I t is believed that Homo erectus (or Homo ergaster) discovered fire in Africa up to 790,000 years ago. Gina and I only discovered fire on the 31st October 2006.
We were making Salmon Patties, a traditional Halloween dish. Gina was moulding and shaping the patties, while I dipped and floured. The oil was heating behind us and getting ready for a good old deep fry.
Gina lifted the lid and we discovered fire.
Where is the extinguisher? What do you put on an oil fire? Water or Should I huff and puff and try to blow it out?
I found the extinguisher at the bottom of a cupboard, still in the box and plastic wrapping.
How do I use it? No time to refer to the instructions. I aimed and pressed. I was like a scene out of ‘Scarface’ - white powder everywhere. The fire was not finished, it just re-ignited, in an act of defiance to us and all we stood for. This time it was no little pot fire, but an inferno. Gina now had the extinguisher, and boy did she show the fire who was the boss. Now the house had gone from a scene from ‘Scarface’ to Santas Workshop in the north pole. But we had defeated the fire. We carefully carried the pot outside and let the thick cloud of smoke and bi-carbonate based powder that had filled the house depart.
As we sat outside and waited to asses the damage we realized just how luck we had been to not only find the extinguisher but that it worked, as its previous check was in 1996. Upon re-entry we found very little damage, but one hell of a clean up.
No trick or treat for us….but we sure got a spook.