The m word Part 2

by Steven Cudars

The m word Part 1
The Marquee has collapsed, the Marquee has collapsed

These are not words that one wishes to hear the day before ones wedding.
It was a sure thing, rain during a wedding in the middle of a drought, the revenge of the m word.
On Thursday 22nd November 2007 our 60 ft Marquee was erected. It was a grand structure and looked beautiful.
During the next 12 hours Condobolin received over 50 mm of rain. This caused a great amount of water to pool in the corners of the marquee, resulting in the entire construction collapsing under the weight.
This is where Gina runs in the room screaming The Marquee has collapsed at 6 am. On closer inspection she was partially correct, the Marquee had in-fact fallen, all the posts and most of the pegs dislodged, but luckily the two main beams were intact. I spent the next few hours pumping water from the once grand tent. The friendly man from Adors Hire, John, came from Dubbo and before midday the structure was erect again, with a quick hose down, replacement of the inner-lining and a sweep the ordeal was over, but will never be forgotten.
From that day forward I to will cringe at the mention of the dreaded m word.