Memories of Wilma

Mum was always a very proud German and Australian who blended the cultures of both countries to bring her family up in the best of both worlds.
Leaving her parents and brothers and sister behind in Germany she came to set up a new life with Joe and his parents in a country that was so foreign to her in culture and climate. But after 55 years she considered herself to be truly Australian so much so that one of the last things she did was knit a Socceroos scarf for me.
Life in the Central West in the 50's was certainly a challenge to all that followed that migration journey. Many in Orange will remember her working at Bloomfield and Email throughout the years but wherever she was she made lifelong friends and we are now left to follow in her footsteps to become the next generation to carry on her legacy.
It didn't matter who you were you always were made to feel welcome in her home and the warmth of her friendship came from her heart and was truly genuine.
Mum contributed to several organizations through most of her life namely The Royal Blind Society, The Lions Ladies and especially Meals on Wheels where she could comfort and listen to those who needed a friendly ear. Taken from Wilmas Eulogy, 2006