Save the Beer

by Annelie Cudars
Oarrived on Saturday morning for “the great occasion”. After the ceremony he was congratulating Steven and Gina and sat back and enjoyed having a drink or two with old and new friends...The ground was quite damp due to the rain and as he sat enjoying himself and chatting with everyone he kept digging him self deeper and deeper into the ground with his chair. He was rescued and moved to safer ground each time. Everyone was standing around talking and drinking and as we looked back, Opa had fallen so far back that his chair was precariously balanced between a pot plant and the wet ground. His legs were up in the air and he was holding his beer can aloft and his only comment was “Save the beer” “Save the beer”.
Moral of this story – it didn’t matter about his own safety but the beer must be kept alive and flowing no matter what the circumstance – this is the true Aussie spirit…