Monty @ 22 and a half weeks

Gina and I went for another ultrasound on Thursday 15th November 2009. This booking was required as when we went in September the radiologist could not get a good view of the heart.
Three weeks later we went back and were both amazed at the amount that Monty has grown in this time. Again, he (she) was a naughty baby and was curled over. Gina had to drink another few glasses of water in an attempt to get him (her) to move. I like the radiology center as they have a good selection of 4×4, golf and guitar magazines. So I was more than happy to wait half an hour. Gina sat quietly and drank her water as I sat reading. As I read about a better golf swing I was totally oblivious to the fact that poor Gina was sitting on the edge of her seat, red faced and ‘busting’ to go to the bathroom.


Monty has a nose like his / her mum
What a cutie

What a cutie!

Soon the radiologist came and, to Gina’s relief , called us in for another attempt. Again Monty did not want to cooperate and after ten minutes of getting Gina to move on her side, back to her back then on other side to get a good shot, another radiologist was called in. Now we had two professionals working Gina’s tummy trying to get little Monty to move…but like many of his (her) relations he (she) was very stubborn.
I the end the radiologists agreed that all was well, but after three attempts they could not get the view that they wanted…..we may have trouble on our hands 😉

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