Super 15 Rugby and the NRL Tipping and Fantasy leagues

The tipping and fantasy season is quickly approaching and again will be hosting Tipping and Fantasy leagues in both Super 15 Rugby and the NRL.

In 2011, Sarah Ash won the Rugby Tipping title, to stop her going back-to-back in 2012 join here

Rugby legend Phil Kearns and his side  ‘Kearn’s XV’ took the top spot in Fantasy Rugby league, to stop him click here

To prevent the unkonw Jamie Clark and his boys ‘the Destroyers’ in the Fantasy NRL join the comp here

In the NRL Tipping, the great Steven Cudars dominated all comers, this year he will do the same, if you think you can stop me please feel free to click

If you know any one else who would like to join  any of the leagues please feel free to invite them.

There is no cost for entry and the prize is Eternal Glory and Immortality being named on the Hall of Fame , but beware that the last place loser will forever be tarred being named on the Wall of Shame.


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