The Button Game


Participates earn and use buttons as currency

Do you habe any questions

wtf are buttons?

are all bottons the same value?

The buttons can be traded between participants?

The buttons can be compbines ?

What do i need?

Kids (anyone) get rewarded with buttons (count be actual $) that they retain. You can give smaller kids the option for you to hold them on your ball bag / coin purse.

for good behaviour, being well mannered (i could not spell poliote), winning challengers, being a good winner and good looser ect.

could also be any other challenge, hores race win or last ect

Canteen / Auction house

Items / Rewards can be sold or auctioned off as often as required/desired


Buttons rewarded.

Can be traded. Auctioned rewards


Skate park

Pick the movie

Pick the game switch

Pick the game board. Not monopoly unless we have 4 hours and you seriously want to beat dad.

Total tennis.

More outdoor shit

Cricket stumps. OZZY birthday.

More photos on

Encourage others to put photos online.

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