Brews 2016

IPA – June 2016 – wals pale ale. Crystal malt. 70g centennial. 600g dextrose. 400g maltodextrin. 

P – May 2016 – Devils brew porter. Thomas Coopers Devil’s Half Ruby Porter. Thomas Coopers Amber Malt Extract. Coopers Light Dry Malt. Chocolate Malt grains. Lallemand Nottingham Dry Yeast
A – May 2016 – Tooheys Dark Ale, Mr Beer Bewitched Amber Ale, 500g dextrose, 200g Fresh Chinook and Cascade (half wet half dry) (Petes hops)
GB – April 2016 – Brigalow Ginger Beer
S – April 2016 – 2x Coopers Stout, 500g Fresh Chinook and Cascade (half wet half dry) 
AC – April 2016 – Brigalow Apple Cider.