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  • Photo’s by Ben Kummel

    Ben Kummel, a cousin from Germany is currently in Australia on a student exchange. Ben is a exciting young photographer and has captured some our family moments.

  • Tilly’s 2nd Birthday

    On Saturday, 19th April family gathered to celebrate Tilly’s 2nd birthday. After many weeks preparation, Opa’s dolls house which was given a face lift, was given to Tilly. Mumma made a Peppa Pig cake and the family sampled many homemade relishes and green tomatoes pickles.

  • 2013 Family Photos

  • Matilda (Tilly) Connie Cudars

    Steven & Gina are proud new parents of Matilda (Tilly) Connie Cudars born at Orange base hospital Thursday 19th April 2011 at 11.32am. 49cm, 3.51kg. Click on an image to view