how to earn a button

behaviour manors cleanliness helpfulness completing assigned tasks to a satisfactory level winning a challenge showing good manners when winning being a good loser being a good sport


Cinema Skate park Pick the movie Pick the game switch Pick the game board. Not monopoly unless we have 4 hours and you seriously want to beat dad. Things to purchase or stuff you have

how to use buttons

ultimately buttons can be used just like currency, but you can set the rules are all buttons the same value? The buttons can be traded between participants? Can my buttons be combined with another? wft…

what you need

buttons coins, coins, could even be stars on a board or digital unless digital, something to store the kit in, and something for each participant to store things in. use your imagination. this can be…

camping activities

darts paint / anything a bit messy that will wash out. hookey old school gambeling games rock under a cup acey ducey (high low) / split the deck / dice games (Yahtzee rules) – old…